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Jan 12, 2021

Chafing Sucks But Salty Britches Doesn't

 Whether you are swimming in the lake or running down a trail, you can’t escape your lifelong old foe. Chafing. 

Aug 18, 2020


There is such healing in nature, and healing in endurance.  There is health in endurance. There is LIFE in endurance.  If it doesn't scare you, it's not hard enough.  Check.  

Jul 10, 2020

Family, Friends, Faith, and Salty Britches®

What is Heaven like?   When little children ask this innocent question, it just melts my heart.  How do you answer th...

Apr 2, 2020

What makes Salty Britches® different?

Because of the formulation, Salty Britches® is super robust.  It will last all day for ocean play, ultra and endurance exercise, or working in the heat.  It does not turn "mushy" or breakdown.  It is NOT a lubricant.  It's designed to be a barrier.  

Oct 23, 2019

What is Winter Skin?

I never thought to use Salty Britches® for my dry hands.  Like a ding-dong, it didn’t even occur to me.  I had not thought about Salty Britches® being for anything more than preventing chafing from the salt water in the summer.  Duh.   Several friends had discovered its power for winter skin relief and started posting about it.  Only then, did I decide to try it.  Ding-Dong.

Aug 29, 2019

Cracking the code to Triathlon Chafing, meet Yorlliry Moreno

He feels like the anti-chafing space is full of gimmicks and petroleum jelly look-a-likes that aren't robust enough.  He regularly runs 18 mile training sessions and 6 hour bike rides in the stifling heat of the low country of SC.  According to Yorlliry, "creating Salty Britches® to prevent ocean chafing really cracked the code to preventing chafing in triathlons." Further he stated, "we swim in the ocean and bike and run in the heat.  We are always wet either from sweat or the ocean so it just made sense." 

Jun 25, 2019

"I'm a Giver, not a Taker."

To say we are proud to be associated with John Duberley is an understatement.  We are honored.  Thank you, John. Salty Britches® will keep you chafe free, but you have done so much more for us.  Run. Johnny. Run. 

Jun 13, 2019

Mama's Beach Chair

Ahhhh the beach, toes in the sand, good tunes, cold beverages, a great book, tanning..... WHATEVER, the good old days...
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