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Mama's Beach Chair

Mama's Beach Chair

Ahhhh the beach, toes in the sand, good tunes, cold beverages, a great book, tanning..... WHATEVER, the good old days.  Pre kids, the beach was full of sun kissed skin and fantastic nightlife.  You could saunter to the beach with a single beach bag and enjoy the day, carefree.  Gone, I tell you.  Those days are history. 

Now, kids in tow, you bring it ALL.  You need a cart, or wagon, or willing pack-mule (aka Dad.)  Mamas, you know the drill.  Snacks in sandwiches pre-made in baggies.  This kid wants peanut butter, that kid wants turkey, no mustard, and the other one only wants cake. Cheese Its, chips, hummus for Mom (meh) and whatever else won't melt goes in the bag.  Then it's packing a cooler that no real living soul has any business trying to carry without sacrificing a vertebral disk in the process.  

Then you finally arrive to you overcrowded destination.  You pick a spot and the kids high tail it to the water.  Hopefully, sunscreen was applied while in the room, because let's be real, applying sunscreen is not fun for anyone.  It just isn't.  We are trying a new one called "Tropic Sport" that is mineral and supposed to last 3 hours before needing to be reapplied, so we will keep you posted on that. 

Kids seem happy playing in the ocean, tops are popped and tunes start tuning.  Mom is still trying to create the perfect beach spot of chairs, towels and gear.  Then, Mama sits down.  Is it me, or does this very moment sound some kind of silent alarm ONLY kids can hear?? As soon as Mama plants herself in that super duper low to the ground beach chair, here they come.  Like a small herd of jackals, the littles NEED you to FIX IT!  Once you get your breath right to actually stand up again, you try deciphering what the problem actually is.  It's the "it hurts and I don't know why or how but my legs are on fire" syndrome.  It's the "cow-boy walk, sand in the wrong places, I want to go to the pool" disease.  

If you have experienced this before, you may have tried different things to remedy the problem.  Different goops, and white diaper rash creams, or deodorant sticks, etc.  Or maybe you went the "cut the net out" route, to no avail.  Nothing seemed to  last, or it burns, or it takes constant reapplying. 

Mama, we have the answer to this phenomenon.  Salty Britches® applied before you take the million mile trek with all the things to the beach, will prevent this.  Apply liberally to their thighs (or have them do it if they are older), under arms, or chest, or any other areas that are prone to that nasty painful ocean chafing. Salty Britches® creates a skin barrier against all of the painful irritation.  If you forget, apply after it happens to soothe the skin irritation.  Salty Britches® can make a major difference in your beach-with-kids experience.  

Now, Mama's chair still may be for not.  After all, you are the lifeguard, playmate, shell hunting, booboo fixing, shark tooth finding, sunscreen applying, beach chef master!  But at least, the tears won't be from ocean chafing rash misery.  That we can promise you! 

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