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We compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions.

1. How do I use Salty Britches® Chafing Ointment?

Apply a layer of Salty Britches® before activity or swimming anywhere you have experienced skin irritation, blisters or chafing. The Salty Britches® will bond to the epidermis to create a skin barrier and protect against irritation. Salty Britches® can be applied to feet, legs, groin, back, shoulders, arms, armpits, neck, hands, or face.

2. Can I use Salty Britches® after I have chafed?

Yes! This is one of the beautiful things about Salty Britches®. If you forget to prevent the skin irritation, you can soothe it with Salty Britches®. Just cover the area with a light layer. Instant relief.

3. How often do I apply Salty Britches®?

This is personal preference. Salty Britches® is super robust, so it will last on the skin. It does not rub off, melt off, or become mushy. One application should last for several hours even in water, depending on activity.

4. What is the difference between the Chafing Ointment, Skin Barrier Ointment and Winter Skin Relief?

Salty Britches® Chafing Ointment and Skin Barrier Ointment were formulated to not melt in the heat. Because it will become harder to squeeze in colder climates, we formulated The Winter Skin Relief. The Winter Skin Relief will liquify in the heat, but will not freeze in the cold. The Chafing Ointment and Skin Barrier Ointment are more robust. The difference between Chafing Ointment and Skin Barrier Ointment is the fragrance.  Chafing uses rose oil (natural anti inflammatory properties) and Skin Barrier Ointment and Winter Skin Relief use a berry fragrance. All contain the same ingredients, but different levels.

5. What makes Salty Britches® different than other anti chafing options?

Salty Britches® was formulated to withstand salt water chafing for our family. Our young son could not play in the ocean without getting the painful chafing on his legs, underarms, and chest. Nothing on the market seemed to hold up very well or last for very long in the salt water. Our formula is robust, clear, non staining, won't degrade fabrics, and lasts all day. For activities that produce a lot of sweat and friction such as hiking, biking, running, rucking, walking, swimming, and working, Salty Britches® will last so you are not distracted by painful skin irritation.

6. Does temperature affect Salty Britches®?

Yes. The Salty Britches® Chafing Ointment is formulated to not melt in the heat. It will get softer if left in the heat but it won't liquify. The Chafing Ointment will get become harder in the colder temps. The Winter Skin Relief Ointment is formulated to not freeze in colder temps, but will melt in the heat.

7. Why use a tube and not a stick for Salty Britches®?

We chose a tube so the product wouldn't become gross! If you are on the beach or the trail, you won't get sand or dirt in the product. Many people use Salty Britches® on their feet, groin, and lips. You can do that when it is in a tube! Have multiple kiddos? You can use one tube for all three kids and it is sharable. Have a buddy that is super irritated on the trail? Would you give him your deodorant stick to swipe between his cheeks, of course not! With a tube of Salty Britches®, you can help your buddy out!

8. How do you use Salty Britches® and sunscreen?

Salty Britches® does not contain sunscreen. Apply sunblock and allow it to soak in or dry before applying Salty Britches®.

9. Can I use Salty Britches® to soothe sunburn?

Yes. Salty Britches® will soothe sunburn. Soften the tube before applying to sunburn. Make sure the foil seal is off the tube. You can pop the tube in the microwave for 15 seconds. Apply a light layer over the sunburn. Reapply as needed.

10. For dry, cracked, irritated hands how do I use Salty Britches®?

Both the Chafing Ointment and the Winter Skin Relief work to soothe dry irritated hands. We suggest applying a light layer and rubbing hands together before bed. No need for gloves. The products will soak in in a few minutes. For super gnarly hands, use for several nights in a row. Touch up as needed during the day. A little goes a long way.

11. Is Salty Britches® a lube?

No. Salty Britches® is not a lubricant. Instead, it binds to the epidermis as a skin barrier. It will not impede movement, for example, for bikers. It protects the skin from breakdown due to friction but does not make the skin slick. For surfers, you do not have to worry about sticky residue on your board. For bikers, you do not have a greasy residue on your seats.

12. Is Salty Britches® all natural?

Salty Britches® is mostly all natural. We do not make the claim because we do have some petrolatum and wax in the product. In our experience, all natural products would not hold up or last very long, especially in the salt water and extreme conditions. Our formula is a combo of humectant, emollient, and occlusive to create a skin barrier that would protect but not choke the skin. We needed a robust product that would stay put.

13. What happens if my dog eats my Salty Britches® tube?

Dogs love it. We aren't sure why! No worries, the dogs will be fine.  Just make sure the dog doesn't swallow the plastic tube.  But by all means, keep the tube away from your furry family members. 

14. Can I use Salty Britches® for my pet?

Yes. Apply on irritated tummies, paws, noses or hotspots.   

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