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What makes Salty Britches® different?

What makes Salty Britches® different?

There are plenty of products available for chafing.  Why in the world would we create a new one?  When you are a desperate Mama because nothing else seems to work, that's what you do! 

Our son couldn't swim in the ocean for very long.  It all started when he was a little youngun'.  He loved playing in the surf, riding a boogie board, body surfing, but his skin hated it.  Within a few minutes, in fact, he was miserable.  The salt water would wreck his skin on his thighs, underarms, and chest.  We tried so many products that are available for chafing and nothing seemed to work very well in the ocean. 

Salty Britches® has a base of lanolin.  Lanolin creates a barrier on the skin.  Mixed with the other wonderful raw materials in Salty Britches®, the product seems to bond to the epidermis.  It doesn't just sit on top of the skin.  Other products tend to rub off really easily, especially in salt water.  This barrier is also great to apply to feet and hands to prevent blisters. 

Salty Britches® is an ointment, but it isn't greasy.  Unlike other ointments, Salty Britches® actually behaves differently.  It's formulated to not melt in the heat.  It applies like a ointment would, but within 5 minutes, it absorbs to create a clear barrier.  Clothing won't degrade the barrier, and Salty Britches® won't stain or degrade clothing.  

Because of the formulation, Salty Britches® is super robust.  It will last all day for ocean play, ultra and endurance exercise, or working in the heat.  It does not turn "mushy" or breakdown.  It is NOT a lubricant.  It's designed to be a barrier.  

Another differentiating factor is the option to use Salty Britches® before activity to create a barrier, or to use it after as a skin soother.  It works wonders on dry chapped lips, hands, face, or any other skin irritation.  The raw materials are incredibly soothing and it does not sting.  A little goes a long way. 

  During this COVID-19 Pandemic, we hear about dry miserable hands, and skin irritation from healthcare workers especially around their faces and ears from PPE.  Salty Britches® is incredibly soothing to that skin irritation.  Try it on your skin before wearing the PPE.  Use it on your dry hands before bed to soothe your tired skin.  Better yet, please know our family is praying for all of the healthcare heroes.  We honor you and are delighted that the world is starting to see who the true heros are. 

Finally, Salty Britches® donates a tube for every tube sold to the US Military.  That certainly sets us apart.  It has been our honor to do so. We love those that serve and the families that support them!

Salty Britches® is a soothing, long-lasting barrier against skin irritation.  One tube can do the trick for all sorts of skin needs.  From your head to your toes, one little tube of Salty Britches® will do a lot of heavy lifting! Give it a try!  You can order online or find it at many of our amazing retailers. 


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