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"the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way." 


"denoting or relating to a race or other sporting event that takes place over a long distance or otherwise demands great physical stamina." 


Endurance is earned.  It does not come easily.  It takes consistent work to build.  It takes mental fortitude, effort, strength, and....Salty Britches®. 

This is a world I was not that familiar with.  Salty Britches® was born from Mama Desperation as a result of ocean chafing our young son suffered from while playing in the ocean, and ruining our vacation.  We thought we had a solution perfect for the beach, a "vacation must have."  And we DID!  Salty Britches® works beautifully as a skin barrier to protect against the painful salt water chafing.  It also works to soothe already irritated skin.  But there is an entire world out there that is benefiting from the robust properties of Salty Britches®.  

How this came to be is a story in itself.  A couple of triathletes found Salty Britches® at a Triathlon store in Hilton Head.  They loved it, and started sharing it on social media.  These guys are now part of our ambassador team.  They claimed it "cracked the code for chafing for triathletes."  It prevents salt water chafing, so it makes sense that it will hold up in extreme conditions for long periods of time.  

We began hearing from ordinary people, doing extraordinary things, a lot of them. Many of them are now ambassadors.   If you do not know about this world of endurance, please let me introduce you.  There are crazy events, races, challenges all that exist to improve lives, relationships, fortitude, and personal growth.  I only wish I would have found it sooner.  Ordinary people are transformed.  They become unstoppable.  You learn how to speak to yourself, internally and out loud for the world to hear.  You learn to begin.  You learn to do hard things.  You learn to reset your baseline.  Often the training and competing takes place in nature, the woods, on trails.  We were hearing from all of these amazing people that loved Salty Britches® and used it while training and competing in these incredibly hard events. These events include 100 milers, on foot trails.  They used Salty Britches® to prevent blisters on their feet, chafing on their shoulders, thighs, nipples, and the "nethers".  It makes sense.  A niche is starting to form for Salty Britches®.  Because it is so robust, it's what these athletes needed.  

Seeing this world unfold before me, peaked my interest. Stay tuned for my personal story of endurance.  This world is not lost on me.  There is such healing in nature, and healing in endurance.  There is health in endurance. There is LIFE in endurance.  If it doesn't scare you, it's not hard enough.  Check.  



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