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Speedo Triathlon with Salty Britches and no chafing

"I'm a Giver, not a Taker."

"I'm a giver not a taker." This is a quote by an amazing, award-winning, trainer, runner, athlete, navy vet, son, friend, human. Have you ever met someone and knew they were special?  That is this guy.  He is a quiet force of nature.   He shows his power by his actions, not his words, never his words.  

John Duberley of Bluffton, SC found Salty Britches® at Go Tri Sports in Hilton Head Island.   We launched our product June 2018 and Go Tri Sports was kind enough to give Salty Britches® a shot in July.   In August of 2018, John competed in The Charleston County Parks Sprint Series Triathlon. I don't want to be wrong, but I think he won this event.  I wouldn't be surprised; he wins just about every event he participates in.  And if that wasn't impressive enough, he ran, biked and swam in a speedo. God Bless America.  I don't know why anyone would do such a thing. John ran with his buddy, Yorlliry Moreno, a pro triathlete.  You will learn more about Yorlliry in the next blog.  I am convinced neither of them are humans.

That triathlon was a test.  John and Yorlliry put Salty Britches® through a serious, extreme test.  Hello, they did that event in a Speedo.  I can't wrap my brain around biking in a speedo.  Salty Britches® passed the test. No chafing, through a triathlon, in Charleston, in August.   One of John's goals for 2018 was to race in an event every single weekend.  I told you they were not human.  He did just that, and after finding Salty Britches® he used it for them all. 

We never know who buys Salty Britches® from our amazing retailers like Go Tri Sports.  Sometimes people reach out in a post, or they tag us.  I can not tell you what that does for our brand.  It's HUGE.  John did not know us, or anything about us.  He just loved Salty Britches®.  He started posting on IG and tagging @GetSaltyBritches.  We took notice, of course.  I reached out to John, and asked if he would be an Ambassador.  This part of our story is part of God's plan.  We believe that, without a doubt.  He connects dots.  John became our first Salty Britches® Ambassador.  John has also connected many dots for our little company. 

We quickly learned that John was a "giver" and not a "taker."  Actually, we have learned all of our Ambassadors are givers.  We couldn't be more lucky.  John introduced us to the Nine Line Foundation Race that donates all of the proceeds to building housing for veterans. John won that race as well.  In fact, he has won 5 of the last 6 races for Nine Line.  John gave us his race trophy.  Trophy's aren't what he runs for.  

John is a trainer at Pulseology in Hilton Head.  I believe coaching and training is his calling.  People know him, trust him, watch him, and want him on their team.  If you are around Savannah, GA on a Wednesday evening, you will probably see John, running with a group from Georgia Game Changers Running Co.  He is helping build that community, too.  Because he gives.  You will see him on the websites for Palmetto Running Company, and if you check out Lululemon of Savannah, you may see his big smile nearby.  You can follow John on IG  

John is one of those people that is always willing to do whatever you need.  He wakes up super early, doesn't own a TV, and he vibrates through life at a higher frequency than most people.  Those are the people who will make you better, much better.  Find those people.  

This year, John is running his first NYC marathon on Nov 3rd.   He is running as part of Team Challenge ALS to raise funds and awareness to help fight this disease that hits close to home.  John's beautiful Mama was diagnosed 5 years ago. "Mary Skellon is a very strong woman, even after running into this bump in the road...that is what it is to her, not a dead end."  If you feel led to help John raise money for his goal, you can read more of his story and donate here :  John is going to run through this "bump in the road" for his Mama.  We are pulling for you, John.  And we are praying for your Mama. 

To say we are proud to be associated with John Duberley is an understatement.  We are honored.  Thank you, John. Salty Britches® will keep you chafe free, but you have done so much more for us.  Run. Johnny. Run. 



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