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What is Winter Skin?

What is Winter Skin?

What is Winter Skin?  It’s a bag full of miserable is what it is.  I don’t know anyone that doesn’t suffer from it.  For me, it’s dry, cracked, painful hands.

For years I suffered from lizard hands.  In my former career, I spent a lot of time in docotrs’ offices and my car.  I would use hand sanitizer and wash my hands countless times a day.  While driving, I would slather lotions on my hands, just to wash it away at the next office.  I tried many different lotions or greases.  I am basically a smoldering inferno at night, so don’t suggest wearing gloves to bed, because I ain’t gonna.  Like sunspots, it was my lot in life.

I never thought to use Salty Britches® for my dry hands.  Like a ding-dong, it didn’t even occur to me.  I had not thought about Salty Britches® being for anything more than preventing chafing from the salt water in the summer.  Duh.   Several friends had discovered its power for winter skin relief and started posting about it.  Only then, did I decide to try it.  Ding-Dong.

Winter of 2018, we started shipping Salty Britches® all over the country, including up north to  MI, WI, and MN.  We don’t know cold weather here in the south.  I had the pleasure of visiting WI and MN during the “Polar Vortex” of 2019 and -50 degrees is for the birds.  Actually, it isn’t for any living creatures, but those people carry on like the tough knots that they are! 


Turns out Salty Britches® Chafing Ointment will freeze in the cold temps.  This prompted us to tweak the formula and create Salty Britches® Winter Skin Relief.  This second formula is much less robust, less thick, spreads easily and has a different fragrance.  It was formulated so it wouldn’t freeze.  It will melt in the heat, but that warm liquid gold is also soothing in the summer! 

Bottom line, Salty Britches® Chafing Ointment is a robust skin barrier that holds up against the harshest conditions, including salt water, all day.  It is also soothing, and will not melt in the heat.  It will freeze in the cold temps.  Salty Britches® Winter Skin Relief is less thick, and is an excellent skin soother that will not wash down the drain.  Both work.  It just depends on your preference and temperature. 

Now, it is common anytime someone has a skin issue to hear, “Did you put Salty Britches® on it?”  Our family uses both products regularly.  These past few winters are the first time I haven’t dealt with lizard hands!  Our prayer is you love it as much as we do and you find relief for your dry, chapped winter skin! 

May you guys up north enjoy all the things, ice hockey and ice fishing, but keep your -50 degrees!  When it is a balmy 55 degrees in the south, we are seeking refuge!  May this winter be good to you all!


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