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Chafing Sucks But Salty Britches Doesn't

Chafing Sucks But Salty Britches Doesn't

The great outdoors offers plenty of room to move your body and explore. But the moving leads to sweat, which sometimes leads to irritation. You have always been an athletic person but lately, it’s been hard to enjoy specific activities that you once had so much energy for. Whether you are swimming in the lake or running down a trail, you can’t escape your lifelong old foe. Chafing. You seem to have this persistent irritation at certain parts of your body. This chafing just won’t leave you alone no matter what remedies you try out. It’s gotten to the point where you can’t even walk around your house without rubbing or irritating your skin in one way.


While all your friends enjoying their time on jet skis and kayaks, you’re sitting on the sidelines, trying to soothe your irritated skin. You’ve become the person that everyone feels sorry for because you can’t enjoy yourself with all this chafing. With the amount of money you spent over the years trying to find an ointment that could do the job, it’s surprising that you’re not broke. You’re just dreaming of the day when you can feel the blood rushing through your veins as you run one more mile.


All the beauty blogs and medical journals have caused you to take way too many oatmeal baths and spending too much time inside. On top of being constricting, most athletic wear doesn’t do the job of preventing irritation from chafing. But with Salty Britches you can say bye-bye to compression shorts, and the various array of gels. Our chafing ointment will get you through any activity you need to do. From serving your country to spending a day at the beach, our chafing ointment will keep you feeling comfortable enough to take on any activity.


Made in the U.S., our Salty Britches chafing ointment has the strength to get the job done for most athletes as well as military personnel. We have one of the longest-lasting formulas around that is water-resistant, preservative-free, and non-GMO. Salty Britches also makes the promise of not testing our products on animals.  At Salty Britches, we want to make sure that our customers get the best ingredients at an affordable price. Chafing shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying your time doing activities you love with the amazing people in your life.


Our Salty Britches chafing ointment was created by a company whose goal was to make a product that offers long-lasting results that make your skin feel better each time you use it. We don’t want you to have to stop your groove just because the ointment didn’t last. With Salty Britches, you can keep going about your adventures without having to worry about feeling irritated or stop what you’re doing to reapply. You should be spending your moments outside enjoying the sun and playing dodgeball with your friends. Not rubbing ointment onto your body every 30 minutes.  No distractions, so get back out there and hop to it!

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