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The Salty Britches® Casa is surrounded by three words.

"SWIM, SPORT, SERVE"  is our mantra and really who we are.  Let me explain. 

Salty Britches® was created because our young son could not SWIM in the ocean without getting the painful chafing on his thighs, underarms, and chest.  As soon as Mama (me) would set up all the things, he would come out of the ocean walking like a cowboy and crying in pain.  This always happened on day 1, and back to the room we would waddle.  He always got it, and he would get it bad. This is the short version of the creation story, you're welcome.

Soon after Salty Britches® grew legs, we started hearing from athletes that loved it!  We heard from little leaguers, coaches, umpires, triathletes, runners, ultra runners, spartan racers, ruckers, bikers, hikers, you name it and the feedback was fantastic.  SPORT quickly became a part of our brand.  We created our Ambassador program because of the huge response from those doing really hard things. Our "Salty Ambassadors" share our values as a company.  We work hard,  never quit,  take care of ourselves and others, compete, and give.  All of our Ambassadors are in alignment with our values. 


My personal favorite part of our story is the treasure trove that is SERVE.   Since inception, it is no secret that we believe in and SERVE our mighty God.  Without HIM, we would not have been able to create this brand.  We fought to include "Phil 4:13" on the back of every tube of Salty Britches.  Our prayer is that if someone looks on the back of our tube, they will feel compelled to look up the verse.  SERVE also appeared early on because we began building relationships with those that SERVE in the military.  We have met many who serve in Special Forces as well as Infantry and many, like our ambassadors (some who are vets) share our values.  These people are special.  They are resilient, selfless, and embody the team and family mentality.  Through these relationships, we identified that those serving in our military need help with chafing and preventing blisters on their feet.  We serve others by donating a tube of Salty Britches® for every tube sold.  in 2019, we donated over 8000 tubes to our military.  It's our honor to do so, and we pray for all of these men, women, and their families. 


Right now as our country battles COVID-19, we are honored to SERVE those that are working on the front lines of this battle.  We created a Gift Card program to give back to healthcare workers that suffer from the rash caused by PPE, and dry over- sanitized hands.  We are praying for you all and thank you for serving the rest of humanity.  


If we had to pick three words that best described who we are, we would still pick SWIM, SPORT, SERVE.  All of this just because Mama wanted to sit on the beach and watch a happy kiddo play in the ocean.  Guess what happens when we go to the beach now?  See the cover pic of this blog. 

Finally, we are grateful for the support of those near and far.  We are grateful for all gifts given to us along this journey including: kindness, love, feedback, help, good listeners, fresh veggies, fresh eggs, pictures and reviews.   We couldn't do any of it without all of these puzzle pieces and those willing to put them in the right places.  We pray God blesses you and that Salty Britches® allows you to SWIM, SPORT, and SERVE. 



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