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Teen Athletes and the Joys of Embarrassment

Teen Athletes and the Joys of Embarrassment

Teenagers. If I wrote "the end" right after that word, all of us could continue to write a similar story.  We look down our nose at these creatures, almost like none of us were ever "those kids."  I was.  I was "that kid."  I was the know-it-all, thought my parents were clueless, invincible, constantly embarrassed, thank God we didn't have cell phones back then, kid.  All of my friends were too, you know who you are. 

I was NOT an athlete.  I always wanted to be, I think.  Maybe not in the dead of our brutal summers, but I wanted to be "on the team."  Instead, I worked all through school and my team was a rag tag fun group of country kids that loved "The River" and camping, driving through pastures, and riding on dirt roads going absolutely nowhere.  Our group went to church.  A lot.  Thank God.  After church, we would ride, in circles, for hours.  Fun times. 

I am thankful for the community I grew up in.  Small, can't go anywhere without someone asking, "how's your Mama'n'em?" Good news was if you did something good, everyone knew.  Bad news was, the opposite was more true.  Fortunately, I managed to survive and was left with some pretty awesome memories to grow old with.  

I give you a glimpse into my personal teenager days to address one particular topic: EMBARRASSMENT.   There is a particular three letter word in that word that explains how teens act when they suffer from that debilitating anxiety.  As adults, we have (hopefully) made the leap to a state of "so what" but it is safe to say we have all been there.  Since I have been in the business of "anti-chafe,"  I have to tell you this has been a hilarious part of our journey.  

I get all sorts of messages that "can't be posted" for the world to see, and most of those are right on.  Please for the love of all things Holy, don't post those.  Your gut instinct works.  You should be proud. 

Now, no need to hold back when telling me about your friend's woes. I sold Viagra® for almost 10 years.  I promise, you can't embarrass me.  I have learned that teen athletes, especially, suffer from skin chafing.  Maybe it's the raging hormones, maybe it's Maybelline.  It's painful and often down right embarrassing.  Often times, athletes don't think about preventing the skin irritation.  Salty Britches® applied before activity will prevent it, BUT, applied after it has already happened, will soothe it.  THAT is one of the differentiating factors of Salty Britches®.  Another fantastic helpful use for Salty Britches® is soothing chapped lips and hands.  Because Salty Britches® is a skin barrier, it will prevent continuous chapping of your lips as well.  You're welcome. 

Next time your teen is embarrassed for having an anti-chafe product such as Salty Britches®, they can say it's for chapped lips.  Since it is in a tube and not a deodorant type stick, it's sharable.  See, no cooties.  We've got your back homegirls and homeboys.  This season of embarrassment will pass.  Now go to church.  

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