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kid chafing at the beach

Myths about ocean Chafing and treatments

Chafing, gaulded, rash, irritation, MISERY!  No matter what you call it, it’s painful and can be incredibly frustrating.  

There are so many “myths” surrounding this phenomenon.  Our family was introduced to chafing and it’s vacation killing misery when our young son started playing in the ocean around 6 years old.  Oh. Boy.  The cowboy walk and crocodile tears were a heart breaker.  He also experienced it under his arms and on his chest. 

“Remove the netting in his bathing suit, bless his heart.” That is myth numero uno.  You can remove all you want, and the chafing fairies will continue to party.  Repetitive friction causes chafing. Skin that is repeatedly exposed to salt water, especially in sensitive areas, will most likely chafe.  When you allow the water to evaporate and dry, you are left with salt ions on the skin.  These little boogers add to the friction when you boogie board, walk, and play. It’s the same with sweat.  The water evaporates and the salt remains. Little, scratchy salt boogers, partying like it’s 1999. 

“Baby powder will help that baby.”  Mehhhh.  Talc powders will absorb sweat.  Keep sweating and you will have talc soup.  Powder for ocean chafing is a poor choice because the ocean water will just wash it all away.  You will need a more robust barrier for that gnarly ocean water. 

“Tough it out, boy.  It’s part of it.”  No, no it doesn’t have to be part of anything. As a matter of fact, if it goes untreated and is repeatedly irritated, your little chafing fairies will become infected. No bueno. 

“Diaper rash cream will help him.”  Dude, my cool kid isn’t going to go for a white chalky cream on his chest and armpits. Negative.  Plus, we tried them all.  They didn’t seem to hold up in the ocean very well, or were just too greasy.  

“Get that baby a swim shirt.” Ok, mam.  I’m a fan of swim shirts to keep the sun off his precious skin.  But, he hates them.  As a matter of fact, fabric equals more surface area for salt ions once the water evaporates.  And we know what that means, party time.

So if your family attracts the nasty chafing like ours does, then give Salty Britches® a try!  We created it out of pure Mama desperation.  Salty Britches® is a clear ointment that doesn’t leave a greasy feel but serves as a skin barrier. It’s a robust chafing fairy squasher! Apply before activity like swimming, and you can swim until the cows come home! 

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