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The Running OGs, How Salty Britches® Broke Into the Running and Triathlete Community

The Running OGs, How Salty Britches® Broke Into the Running and Triathlete Community

We often get asked, "how were you discovered by runners?"  We thought we just had a "vacation must have" and a beach solution for poor kiddos (and parents) that suffered from salt water chafing.  Have you ever seen the kids walking like a poor worn out cowboy at the beach? THAT is what Salty Britches® will prevent or soothe.  We needed a robust product, a skin barrier, that could withstand salt water chafing all day.  We couldn't find one, so we made it, and Salty Britches® was born.  

We found a great guy, Al, that owned "Go-Tri Sports" in Hilton Head Island who was willing to give Salty Britches® a try at his Triathlon store.  We simply stopped in and asked him :)  That's where John Duberley found Salty Britches®.  John became our first Ambassador and fast friend.  To know John is to love him.  He gives his account of how he discovered Salty Britches®.  

"Hello, my name is John Duberley. I found Salty Britches® about 2 years ago and continue to use it because I haven’t had any chaffing for 2 years. 😊 The first time I used it, I was competing in my first sprint triathlon and figured I would have fun. So I did it in a speedo. Figured I would maybe need some kind of lotion or cream to help. Especially in a speedo on a bicycle. Went to my local shoe store and found some cool looking bottle I’ve never seen. Got it, gave it a try.  Triathlon complete, super fun, no chafe. Made me smile. After that I gave a tube to my buddy. He said it worked better than all the other stuff. So I reached out to Salty Britches® and said thanks, this stuff works. That’s how I got introduced to Amy Tucker. I told her I’m going to do my first marathon in NYC in November.  She was beyond nice. Again NO CHAFE after my first marathon. I reached out again and said you should come to one of my favorite local races. I want to meet you. She did. The Nineline 5K had a Salty Britches® tent and it was another fun sweaty great time. Chafe free. Love it and will keep using it and spreading the word. Currently I don’t just race, I train little kids to race. So they definitely get samples from me."

John and his buddies Yorlliry, Tony, and Ruben, became fast fans of Salty Britches® and the feeling was mutual.  These guys are incredible athletes.  John is a veteran, personal trainer, coach, and runs every day.  He is often the first to finish a race and has won the "Nineline Run For the Wounded" for 5 years in a row.  For most races, people only see the back of John Duberley.  At last year's event, John gave us his 1st place prize, a handmade USA flag box.  We cherish this and are so honored to have it. We will be back for the 2020 "Nineline Run For the Wounded" supporting our team of incredible Ambassadors once again, as long as it happens.

We have been so fortunate to meet people like John, Yorlliry, Tony, and Ruben.  They single handedly helped spread the word to the running community in Savannah, GA.  We thank God for these guys and their friendship.  We love them and look forward to many more years of watching them crush their goals and help others reach theirs.  

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