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What the heck??

What the heck??

"What the heck??  My thighs are on fire.  It burns, it stings.  Is it a flesh eating bacteria?  What in the ocean is tearing up my skin?"

I'm betting this was the reaction the first time you ever experienced ocean chafing.  If it was your kid that experienced it for the first time, it went something like this:


Ocean chafing is so uncomfortable.  It hurts like the devil.  It can ruin beach trips and send you on a wild goose chase looking for relief at the local surf shop or pharmacy.  At least, that was our story. Bow-legged goose chasing we went, for several years.  We never caught that wild goose, so we improvised. We made our own concoction. 

Salty Britches® is our wild goose.  We made it to prevent the ocean chafing.  We figured out later that it will soothe all sorts of skin irritation.  Most people don't know to prevent the ocean rash.  It doesn't occur to them until it hits.  Salty Britches® will prevent that, BUT it will also soothe it after it happens.  It does not sting.  You can actually feel the relief when you apply it to already chafed skin.  It's magic.  

Next time you want to play in the ocean, and PLEASE don't ever outgrow that, dab Salty Britches® in those sensitive areas that are prone to rash.  Salty Britches® is robust, thick, clear, non-staining, and non-greasy.  It goes on like an ointment and binds to the skin, creating a barrier that doesn't wash away.  It's formulated to leave in a beach bag or hot car and not turn to liquid.  Keep it with your sunscreen.  If you don't have it, waddle to your nearest surf shop and beg them for it! 

As a side note, Salty Britches® will soothe sunburn as well.  Apply a light layer on the burn. Apply as needed for soothing relief.  All ages can use Salty Britches®, even the furry four legged family members.  A farmer once told me he had a cow with a raw backside.  He swore the cow sighed when he applied Salty Britches® to soothe her skin.  We hear the best stories...

So there you have it, a great solution to an age old problem.  Ocean chafing is a thing.  It doesn't have to be any longer.  Play all day and live life to the fullest, comfortably.  


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