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Answer the Call

Answer the Call

I've been lucky to know many who served this country in the US Military.   I have many friends and family members who served. As I have gotten older and could appreciate it more, I have been lucky to meet many heroes that have survived what most would deem unthinkable.  I have learned that the true brotherhood is a result of shared experiences that many aren't willing to do and most will never understand. 

This Salty Britches journey has run parallel with meeting many in this elite community.  Turns out, many who serve suffer from chafing and blisters.  We have heard all sorts of miserable stories about this unnecessary suffering.  We've heard first hand accounts of serious chafing from BUDS training for the Navy Seals.  We've heard stories of boot blisters, trench foot, and lying still for 10 hours all while dealing with the constant annoying rub of gear.  We've even heard of shaving, then "duck taping" thighs to protect against chafing for days on end.  MISERY.  

We fell into donating a tube of Salty Britches for every tube sold to the US Military.  I choose to believe that was God directed.  Nothing is more fulfilling than giving to someone that you know can benefit from it. We still do this and Lord willing, will continue. There are several care package companies that regularly reach our deployed troops in some of the gnarliest of places. If Salty Britches can bring a smile and comfort to any service member anywhere, that's part of our mission. We also offer a military, veteran, and first responder discount through Govx on our website. 

This year, we will launch a blacked-out tube at the request of our friends in the  Special Forces community.  We have worked for over a year and a half to make this happen.  We answered a call, a request, and although it doesn't come close to serving this country, it's our honor to serve those that do.  

Stay tuned for exciting updates.  This special edition will be available through our website and many retail locations. The logo is different.  We pay homage to United States Marine Corps Infantryman Paul E. Ison using his iconic WWII photograph in which he is seen running across Death Valley dodging heavy machine gun fire during the battle of Okinawa. 

We could not have foreseen this need had we not met some of the most loyal and hard charging Americans that have devoted their lives to serving our often ungrateful nation.  Patriotism is alive and well and we will do what we can to honor those that have served. The front of our new package reads,"Saty Britches Skin Barrier Ointment"  "Prevents or soothes chafing and blisters during ruck, amphibious operations and all other imagined misery."  On the back of our tube you can still find Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength."  God, guns, and Salty Britches, sounds about right. 



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