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Higher Ground Outdoor Adventures

If you want adventure outdoors, READ THIS!!

You want to get outdoors and discover more of what life has to offer.  You see other people doing it, but you have no idea where to start.  You may not have the gear or knowledge to embark on any type of outdoor excursion.   Your family would love to do something adventurous, but you certainly don't want to rent an RV, or buy a tent.  

Well, let me introduce you to Higher Ground!  When I stumbled upon this brilliant company,  I could hear the angels singing!  I have had so many conversations that identified the problem that this company solves.  I want to scream about this from the mountain tops!  

Higher Ground according to their website, "specializes in a group or family trips into the wilderness.  Backpacking, rappelling, and climbing are just the beginning."  AND....they provide the gear!!!  "With a network of talented mentors and field instructors they successfully built something grander than a simple outfitting operation.  They support corporations, schools, churches, and families as they achieve personal growth, team building experiences, and transformation." 

Higher Ground offers group trips for friends, women-only hikes full of friends you just haven't met yet, or families.  Moms, want to spend an incredible weekend with your child? Do this!!  I am planning on doing this for sure.  I haven't gone yet, but I can not wait to go.  Higher Ground is located in Rome, GA but can host events just about anywhere. You can follow Higher Ground on IG @hghrhrnd and online .   

If you have zero outdoor experience, this is for YOU!  If you have outdoor experience, this is still for YOU!  Book this adventure so you have something to look forward to and make memories you will draw on for a lifetime!  Life is so short, and there is so much that nature has to offer.  Salty Britches® has no affiliation with Higher Ground.  This is just one of those amazing discoveries we want to tell the world exists.  Higher Ground has truly answered a need.  Add this adventure to your life.  Add color, excitement, joy and adrenaline to your life.  When you do, you light becomes brighter.  

Hold my spot, Higher Ground!  I can't wait to join you guys in the Spring of 2021!  


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