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Tough Nut to Crack

Tough Nut to Crack

Ryan Kuperus aka “Koup” is a Retired Recon Marine that still serves this country training our elite fighting forces as well as running his own “Hunting Carolinas” business in NC. He specializes in taking Veterans on many incredible hunting adventures. 
We met Ryan several years ago. Ryan is NOT sellable. He is not going to buy anything someone tells him about. He’s a hard nut to crack and all business until he’s not. 
Ryan came to me and told me he thought Salty Britches was a gimmick until he tried it. He spends many days hiking, backpacking, and rucking in the backcountry. He’s put Salty Britches to the test many times. 
We were honored he insisted on Salty Britches for every hunter he and Tony Cowden are leading on their upcoming trip to the relentless elk backcountry. 
We’ve been surrounded by “tough nuts to crack”. The most Elite fighting forces DO NOT take your word for anything. They have to try it for themselves. You just can’t get any better endorsement than that for a brand. We are not afraid for them to test Salty Britches in the most austere environments. That’s become our niche. The toughest nuts to crack are our people.
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