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Guest Blog Ryan Lemp and The Last Annual Vol State Road Race

"We wanted to prove this product in the most difficult environments" -Amy Tucker

You would be forgiven for not knowing what Vol State is and most folks would agree with you; if after learning you thought it was one of the craziest most insane things a person can do.  A race that is over 300 miles of open road, in Tennessee, in July.  No planned stops, no official aid points and the clock keeps running the entire time. Runners are on their own against the road and the elements until they cross the finish line.  This race certainly fits the billing of the most difficult of environments.  Blisters so horrible feet turn raw and insufferable chafing have haunted past runners. Below, one of those brave fools was kind enough to recount his adventure for us.  

Ryan Lemp - Last Annual Vol State 500k - 7/26/23 

The longest journey of my career, the Vol State 500k, has left an indelible mark on me mentally, emotionally and physically. The race is 314 miles, across a large portion of Tennessee, with runners navigating large hills, slow descents, blistering heat and humidity, as well as the occasional freak storm. I knew that my feet specifically would be pushed to their absolute limit, and after hearing some horror stories, I had no idea how mine would hold up. Salty Britches has been a part of my arsenal for a few years now, but mainly on trail marathons and single day events.  Despite my trust in the product, I knew that this adventure would test it to the extreme. Each morning I would apply the chafing ointment all over my feet, and within the first few days they experienced a 90+ degree heat index, wet feet from heavy rains, pavement running/walking and around 20 hours a day of time on feet. 


I completed the race in 8 days, 1 hour and 22 minutes and to my absolute shock each day, I had zero blisters and no real problem areas on both of my feet. Salty Britches allowed me to trust in my feet and foot care in order to have a very present, focused and enjoyable race from start to finish. It was a beautiful journey that tested me every single day, but Salty Britches made the experience even more special because I didn’t have to leave the race with mangled feet and terrible blisters all over. I’m incredibly grateful for Salty Britches and the benefits that it provides and I can’t wait to see how the product will continue to help me in future endeavors.  

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