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Is Salty Britches Reef Safe?

Is Salty Britches Reef Safe?

We get this question from time to time and it is certainly worth answering!  The  answer is yes.  None of the concerning reef harming ingredients are in Salty Britches.  The list of ingredients to avoid according to are as follows:

oxybenzone (UV filter)

octinoxate (UV filter)



4-methylbenzylidene camphor




Nano-Sized Zinc or titanium (note, must be nano-sized)

Any microplastic, such as "exfoliating beads"


In fact, Salty Britches will not blend with sunblock.  The trick, is to apply Salty Britches to the skin and let it bind, usually takes a few minutes.  You can apply sunblock on top of Salty Britches.  The two repel each other so both can do their job. 

"Reef Safe" is still an ongoing scientific study and often times a marketing term.   You can look more into that on websites such as Consumer Reports "The Truth About Reef Safe Sunscreen."  

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