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Salty Britches and the Hunter

Salty Britches and the Hunter

My oh My this is fun... 

Never in a million years would I have guessed all of our favorite worlds would collide like they have, the beach, the trails, and hunting!  Now, although I love nature, being in the woods, and a good, cool October morning from a deer stand, it does not compare to what these guys are doing. We have met these hard chargers as a result of the ultra running community.  They discovered Salty Britches to prevent blisters on their feet and chafing.  Naturally, they made the leap to use Salty Britches during hunting season. 

Backcountry hunting is way different than what we do in the South.  These hunters are training all year just to be able to backcountry hunt.  They are ultra running as part of their training to cover long distances, spend days in the unforgiving elements and if successful, carry hundreds of pounds packed on their backs for long distances.  You don't want to hike 10 miles plus, deep into the back country, only to deal with painful blisters and chafing the rest of the day. They work hard all year to enjoy this but not preventing the blisters and chafing makes for a miserable experience. 

We often get the questions about scent. Scent control is a controversial issue. We all know the old fella that smoked his way to his deer stand, smoked in the deer stand while wearing blue jeans and smoked plenty of deer.  We also know the guy that wears nothing but Scent Lock, is super careful about sealing his clothes in the back of the truck, and sprays down every nook and cranny with Scent A Way, only to come away with nothing.  So this is what I will tell you so you can make up your own mind about Salty Britches in the field.  We use a cover scent to cover lanolin and cod liver oil.  You do not want to smell like either one of those. We use rose oil in the blue chafing ointment tube, which happens to be an anti inflammatory. We use a berry oil to cover lanolin and cod liver oil in the black military edition tube and the Winter Skin Relief.  Both are super light and you can barely smell them on your skin after a minute or so, just more when it's concentrated in the tube.  Now if I was a bettin women, I would bet most of your boots do not smell at all natural.  In fact, most are downright foul.  Truly, I think the very light scent of Salty Britches is the LEAST of your worries.  

Here is what we know for sure.... Salty Britches is a robust solution to chafing and blisters.  If you are a purest and feel like the chafing and blisters are part of the experience and you're one of those "suck it up" types, well you do you.  If you want to take chafing and blisters off the table of things you need to deal with on a backcountry hunt, we've got you.  

This line of business revealed itself to us just as all of the others have, completely organically.  We thought we had a coastal solution for salt water chafing, and that was it.  Funny how things work out.  Hunters, we welcome you with open arms to our Salty family.  Now what are you doing April 1?  Got any gobblas? 

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