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24 Hour Endurance

24 Hour Endurance

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. 

This past weekend was the 24 Hour Endurance Unbreakable Leadership Challenge.  The goal is to do something hard for 24 hours. This group was lead by Retired Navy Seal, Author of Unbreakable and Three Simple Things, public speaker, coach, ultra runner, husband and father, Thom Shea.  The event was mysterious to say the least, and I did not know a soul that would be joining this mission.  

24 hours to hike, walk, laugh, cry, visualize, brainstorm.  This event loomed on my calendar as something I was afraid to do. I overpacked and drove to Parris Mountain in Greenville, SC on Saturday morning then drove home on Sunday a different person. Without giving it all away, I'll tell you I was challenged. My internal dialog was questioned. I cried, a lot.  I laughed even more. I learned I could do more, way more.  I also know I may not have accomplished this without going through the other crazy endurance events up to this point. 

We had moments to lay on the ground and watch the sky.  Oh how insignificant we are.  I saw a huge blazing meteor and took that as a sign.  I think I could call on any of these other participants at any time from here on out.  Going through things like this with others builds real friendship, a bonding, if you let it. Being open to mentorship, being questioned to your core, hearing things you may not like to hear, will grow you, significantly.  

Why do these "crazy" challenges?  Some people claim to not understand.  Deep down, I bet they would like to explore what they are made of but are too afraid.  Maybe afraid to fail? Or afraid of pain?  Afraid to look stupid? I've learned that no one cares if you fail, or look stupid, and pain is often temporary and doesn't always happen.  Pain is also a tool and exposes your weaknesses.  

Schedule the thing.  Stop the internal dialog that tells you "I can't."  You get one life and growth is optional.  Why wouldn't you want to grow?  Recognize excuses. Invest in yourself so you can show up better for everyone around you.  Put something on your calendar that scares you. Then do it. 

Grateful for this 24 hours in the woods.  Embracing we get a new 24 hours every single day. They tick by quickly, too quickly.  What will you do with them?  If you are in a funk, do something like this.  It will shake you out of it, infuse your life with joy and clarity.  It's a gift that you just have to pick up and open.  Check out Thom's books and You can find Thom on IG @frogmanout.  We are cheering for you, always. 


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