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Chafed or Gualded? Just Plain Irritated!

Chafed or Gualded? Just Plain Irritated!

What in the world does it mean to be "chafed"?

I have come to realize people may not have even heard of it or don't experience it. I didn't deal with it myself until my young son started the bow-legged walk at the beach, then the tears and misery followed. 😱 Turns out, some people are much more prone to chafing than others. My son has sensitive skin and a small amount of eczema. He would get a painful rash on his thighs, his chest, and under his arms within ten minutes of playing in the ocean. It would happen to him at the lake some too from a bathing suit or life jacket irritating his skin. It mainly happened around water for him.

We tried all sorts of creams and ointments, roll-ons, basketball shorts, removed all of the nets in the bathing suits 😳 STILL, this was a problem! 😡 Turns out, many kids quit playing in the ocean because of this problem.  They end up not liking the beach!  Say what?? 😭

Desperate Mamas call for desperate measures.

So, as a desperate Mama, after trying dozens of products and coming up empty, I created our own formula. It started out as a home-brewed concoction, but it worked...really well...both in fresh water and saltwater. Word spread, and what became the AWC Tuck Company launched, fueled largely by testimonials and real-world use scenarios. I set out to help my son, but now Salty Britches is here and others can benefit from the "Salty Britches Chafing Ointment!"

Salty Britches began to take off for all sorts of skin irritations. It works great to prevent chafing but it also soothes irritated skin. Heat chafing is a real problem in the South, as I imagine it can be anywhere that's hot. đŸ”„ Many adults suffer while working in the heat. Playing sports, football, baseball, soccer, etc., seems to cause this issue for some. Salty Britches provides a great barrier against the irritation, and it also soothes irritation that already exists. Simply apply before activity in areas that are prone to irritation, or if it's too late, just apply to the irritated skin. 

Beyond the beach: Salty Britches brings relief for a lot more than chafing.

They may have heard about it initially because mamas were comparing notes on a drama free beach vacay, but many people have expanded their use of Salty Britches because it helps with super dry and itchy skin. Hands, feet and lips are some of the most popular uses in the winter months. So many hard-working folks wash their hands dozens of times each day because of their jobs, and it wrecks their hands. They crack, peel, split and hurt. 👎 Applying Salty Britches, especially before bed for several nights, can really help to soothe dry hands. 👌 There is no need to wear gloves after applying.

Diaper rash for babies is another popular use for Salty Britches. đŸ‘¶ We have received many urgent requests for Salty Britches because of bad diaper rash that just wouldn't go away. Diaper rash can happen even without diapers. That's what we often call gualded. It's painful and irritated and can be hard to deal with. Elderly people may experience it if they are bedridden as well. Salty Britches can help ease the irritation and provide a barrier against it.

Recently, we have heard stories of cancer patients undergoing radiation and suffering from radiation burn. Different over-the-counter salves are often recommended, but they don't do much for the irritated, burned skin. Fortunately, our customers have shared with us how Salty Britches has helped soothe the skin irritation for these patients.

Salty Britches has been a Godsend for our family!

My husband knew we were on to something when he spent some time cutting trees and became covered in chiggers. 😳 Oh you better believe these little boogers are a nightmare! Depending on where you live, these devils have different names. Some call them red bugs or harvest mites. Whatever you call them, they are awful! They are in the same family as spiders and ticks. They love fields, forests, lawns, and love to be near lakes and streams. Chiggers are the most common in spring, summer, and fall, and they are found in every country. When they find a person they like (they aren't too picky...), they especially like to cluster around waistbands and lower legs.

Either way, if you spend any time in the woods and have never had to deal with chiggers, go buy a lottery ticket...

It's always been said that you could paint them with fingernail polish and it would suffocate them. There was no way he could have painted all of these particular bites. I wondered if he had cut trees in the nude! Frankly, if anything happens to one of our family members that results in skin irritation, we use Salty Britches. We are always experimenting with it! So instead of the nail polish, we whipped out the Salty Britches. The next morning, my husband was amazed that he wasn't itching to death. Now he doesn't usually get overly excited about much outside of the Clemson Tigers, but he was thrilled! 😬

We are always hearing stories from people about how Salty Britches helped this or that. We can claim that it is a long lasting barrier against skin irritation and a skin soother. Our family's prayer is that it helps you and your family too.

We appreciate all of the Salty Britches love and give God the glory for it's discovery!

Need some relief? Shop here.

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