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No More Painful Vacations

No More Painful Vacations

Thank you for trusting in my “concoction” enough to try it for yourselves! I have worked on this formula for 4 years. My son, Trent, LOVES to play in the ocean, but was often too chafed to enjoy it for very long, no matter what we tried! We’ve tried all types of bathing suits, underwear, no underwear, creams, lotions… you name it! My grown step son, Clay, has used it and pushed me to share this. The response has been overwhelming! Since introducing Salty Britches in the summer of 2017, you guys have flooded us with success stories of your kids using it to play in the ocean, and to play sports! We have also been overwhelmed with stories of those serving in the military, adults that work in the heat, and diaper rash for babies! A new use for Salty Britches was discovered when winter of 2017 brought incredibly cold weather, and dry hands and lips!

Key Salty Britches Facts:

  1. Apply liberally before you get in the ocean, or before any activity that causes you to sweat. Apply it anywhere you have experienced chaffing.
  2. If you are using it to prevent dry winter skin, apply Salty Britches liberally before bed and use for several nights in a row.
  3. It’s heavily documented that sea water chemistry contains minerals and salt ions, i.e., chloride, sodium (obviously), sulfate (the stuff that makes hair color fade, sigh), magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate (baking soda), bromide, borat, and others. When the water dries, the sea salt and all of these ”lovies” listed above, dry into tiny crystals on the skin. Crystals are gritty, and rough. Add to that the “in and out” of the salt water, flopping on boogie boards, sun exposure, the rough texture of the sand scratching your skin and you have a perfect chaffing storm! This (I believe) is why the different fabrics do not work. Fabric doesn’t keep sea salts from forming. In fact, fabric increases the surface area for the crystals and causes friction which hastens the process of irritation. Shew….right? Sweating works the same way! Water evaporates on the skin but the salt remains. Any fabric friction and you’re left with raw skin.
  4. It does contain pure lanolin, which is derived from the wool of sheep; it’s what makes their fluffy coats waterproof! God is so COOL! FYI, Lanolin allergies are rare, but obviously don’t use this if there is an allergy to lanolin. Salty Britches is anhydrous, so it doesn’t contain water. It also contains Petrolatum as a carrier for Vitamins A, E, and D and Microcrystalline Wax and Paraffin for stability. Salty Britches contains soy sterols called “CardioAid” which is derived from plants and aids in inflammation. It is Preservative Free, never tested on animals, and made in the U.S.A.
  5. Please keep out of reach of children, don’t get it in your eyes, and if someone swallows a tube full, call Poison Control.

And finally (but always first), I have given this little venture over to Our Lord and Savior! May His Will be done and may I listen and obey.

Amy Tucker, Desperate Mama
Proverbs 3:5-6

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