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Why Philippians 4:13?

Why Philippians 4:13?

On the back of every tube of Salty Britches you will find Philippians 4:13.


But, why?

“I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength.”

Philippians 4:13 is one of the most misused verses in the Bible. This verse was written by the Apostle Paul who experienced both poverty and affluence. 

“This verse is so misused because many Christians interpret “all things” as “anything.” It’s not a blanket endorsement that God will support anything we set out to do and empower us to do whatever impossible things we can imagine. It’s an assurance that we can do whatever God calls us to do, not whatever we decide to do.“

“This isn’t a biblical exhortation you can stamp on whatever goals you have professionally, personally, or physically. It’s an encouragement that God can give you the strength to be content, no matter what.”- Dr. Lynn H. Cohick

Be content. We fought to have Philippians 4:13 printed on every tube of Salty Britches. We also have to fight to “be content” which just doesn’t come naturally for us. We are builders, workers, goal setters, achievers, just like all of you.  

But, we find our hearts can be content in the Lord by spending time with Him, in prayer, studying, reading His word, and journaling. It’s the sweetest investment you will ever make. It grows over time and will make you rich as can be. 

God provides. God leads, but you can still put legs to what He leads you to. Be content in all seasons: the hard, the easy, the sad, the happy. 

You can absolutely find strength through your relationship in Christ. This doesn’t mean life won’t be difficult. But through your relationship with Christ, you can find strength to endure. 

Keep pushing, achieving, setting goals, and moving. God has a will for your life.  

It takes investment that He will bless 10 fold. Try it. If we can help, let us know. 

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  • Yes, Salty Britches is an amazing ointment, I will always have it! For me, it’s always “attitude”. Either, my cup is always full, or half full, never empty. Keep up the awesome work Salty, you are the change you want to be!

    Kathy Wilson

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