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How To Remove A Salty Britches Stain

How To Remove A Salty Britches Stain

Salty Britches works to prevent chafing and blisters.  Not to mention the other countless uses for this amazing ointment.  

Salty Britches is made using a base of lanolin.  Lanolin comes from the wool of sheep.  Lanolin serves to condition and protect the sheep's wool and skin from outside elements. It's super conditioning. Lanolin is similar to sebum secreted by human skin.  Lanolin is an occlusive, so it reduces water loss from the skin. 

Lanolin is sometimes referred to as "wool fat" but it really is more of a "wool wax."  Waxes are less greasy, harder, and have a higher melting temp.  These properties are what contributes to the waterproofing properties of Salty Britches.  We found  Salty Britches to be the most effective skin barrier in high heat, humidity, and salt water.  We learned that it is also super soothing and moisturizing to irritated skin, especially in cold climates.  

Lanolin can also stain some fabric.  The worst offender is polyester.  They are attracted to each other for sure.  There are a few tried and true helpful tips to remove lanolin stains from fabric.  Dawn dish soap is a great option.  Massage the Dawn into both sides of the fabric with a toothbrush and let sit in hot water.  This may take a few passes.  The tricks are hot water (remember high melting point for lanolin) and degreaser like Dawn.  Because high heat can help remove the stain, you can also try to iron it out by placing the fabric between paper towels to absorb the oil.   

When applying Salty Britches, give it a few minutes to attach to the skin if you will, before putting on clothes, especially clothes made of polyester.  

Chafing is absolutely miserable.  Lanolin is magic, in our humble opinion.  We hope these tips can help avoid any staining issues from Salty Britches.  


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