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Original Chafing Ointment and Winter Anti-chafing Ointment Bundle

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Giving Back to Those Who Serve
For every tube sold, we will donate one to the U.S. Armed Forces!

Bundle and Save!

This bundle helps make sure you're covered no matter where you go and what weather you're experiencing.

Our original Salty Britches anti-chafing cream offers an all-day, skin soothing, protective barrier against chafing and irritation. This specialized formula prevents heat, sports, and ocean chafing while providing soothing relief for your skin!

The Winter Skin Relief formula offers soothing, long-lasting barrier against skin irritation and prevents and soothes dry winter skin!

Ideal for children, athletes, runners, hikers, surfers and anyone who experiences irritated skin from the ocean or exercise. 

Salty Britches® is water resistant, preservative free, non GMO, made in the USA with domestic and imported raw materials, and never tested on animals.

Customer Reviews

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Always perfect!

I appreciated the personal note on my receipt! Thank you for taking a chance and starting up this company. You're making a world of difference for so many people! We love you, Amy!

Johnny Ray Hoffman

Yeah man. These products for your hands are for real.
I have tried numerous moisturizers and creams , etc. for my hands. This one works. I need my hands because I am a drummer. My career depends on my hands. Cracked/dry fingers do not lend themselves to optimal performance when gigging. Furthermore, the pain associated with this condition is bothersome too. Please send me a lifetime supply. I’m all in. Thank you Salty Britches!!


I gave this as a Christmas present & she Loved it! Thank-You!!

Great stuff!!!

Great organization with sincere mission/vision. Thanks for putting out amazing products. Keep doing what you're doing!

This is great!

I thought I loved Chapstick, but I think this is even better! It's got a nice moist consistency that helps it stay on and protect my lips. Lasts a few hours unless eating, and it's so nice and shiny you might not need a lipstick. I apply in the morning and even though it's very dry at work my lips are amazing at noon. Oh yes, it's good for other anti-chafing too ;)