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Salty Britches® Skin Barrier Ointment

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Giving Back to Those Who Serve
For every tube sold, we will donate one to the U.S. Armed Forces!

New Military "Blacked Out" Edition Package of Salty Britches Skin Barrier Ointment.  Prevents or soothes chafing and blisters during ruck, amphibious operations and all other imagined misery.

The tubes are made from 50% PCR Material – PCR stands for Post Consumer Resin, a recycled plastic. PCR plastics are the recycled materials from existing PET bottles and other plastics.  The PCR is sourced from single use packaging, and in particular milk packs that have entered into the recycling channel. Using PCR is beneficial for carbon footprint reduction, lighter weights and savings in energy and material consumption, benefiting the planet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Robert Campos
Ultra running must

Running my first ultra and used this one all my long runs. Not a drop of chafing! I sweat a lot and have fairly salty sweat so I was very surprised to see a product work so well for me!

Philip Lee
Keeps Me Chafe Free

Best product on the market for anti chafe. I’ve used it running, at the beach, and on the golf course. Love this product!

Brandon Rager
Saved my 100 Mile Race

Recently completed a 100 mile race in wet and humid conditions. Everywhere that I didn’t pre apply salty britches chaffed badly, but the spots that I used it pre race were unphased. Body glide, squirrels nut butter have all failed me where the sun don’t shine in wet conditions. Salty britches stays put and lasted all 100 miles. This will be my lifetime go to!

Austin Esh

Great product! It really does work as advertised


Love, love just love this product.. It helps keep my feet happy, even if they are sore have long hours of hiking/walking. Not one blister or area that is complaining.

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