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Salty Britches® Chafing Ointment

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Giving Back to Those Who Serve
For every tube sold, we will donate one to the U.S. Armed Forces!

This product offers all-day, skin soothing, protective barrier against chafing and irritation. Our specialized formula prevents heat, sports, and ocean chafing while providing soothing relief for winter skin!

The tubes are made from 50% PCR Material – PCR stands for Post Consumer Resin, a recycled plastic. PCR plastics are the recycled materials from existing PET bottles and other plastics.  The PCR is sourced from single use packaging, and in particular milk packs that have entered into the recycling channel. Using PCR is beneficial for carbon footprint reduction, lighter weights and savings in energy and material consumption, benefiting the planet.


Customer Reviews

Based on 164 reviews
Larry Snider
Worth it!!

I am an Ultra runner and a heavy sweater. I have tried several different items and techniques to prevent chaffing and this one is by far, the best product out there to prevent chaffing! No more Oprah singing in the shower after a long run!!

Scott Brooke
Best product ever! No more bloody nips!!

I’ve gone through countless (and I mean countless) products to help prevent bloody nipples. Everything from band aids, tapes, creams, gels, lubes, etc. I heard of Salty Britches on a podcast and ordered some. On my recent 22 mile long run… no bloody nipples and no stains on my shirt. Love it!!

Brittany LaPointe
No chafe during ultra!

Ran 50 miles a couple of weeks back and it was the first time in my life I completed more than 20 miles without any chafing at all. Didn’t even have to reapply. This is by far the best anti-chafe solution I’ve tried.

Robert Campos
Running, triathlon, surfing

I primarily use salty britches products for running but I also started using this for surfing and triathlon. Great to put around my neck of my wetsuit! Last long!

Tina Wolfe
Ultra Runners - Salty Britches is what you need!

I tried Salty Britches for the first time during a hot and humid 50k in Florida. The heat index was 105 and the final few miles were in heavy rain. No chafing issues where I applied Salty Britches. Works much better than the other product I have been using. The only chafed areas were in the spots I neglected to apply Salty Britches. Wonderful product!

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