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Salty Britches® Chafing Ointment Single Use 10-Pack

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Single use sample pack of Salty Britches Chafing Ointment. 0.1 Fl oz (3mL) per pack is perfect for lightweight packing.  Take on the trial, run, hike, or beach with lightweight convenience.  Notched tear makes it easy to open.

Customer Reviews

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Higher Ground USA
Salty Britches...just in case.

Individual packs are perfect to stash in your vehicle, gym bag, ruck, or running vest...just in case. These are great for the person who doesn't normally deal with chaffing but wants to be prepared...just in case. Small, convenient, and enough for multiple uses from one pouch.

Siobhan Maize
Anti chafing on the go!

These individual packs are perfect to throw in my bike bag or hydration pack! When exercising in South Carolina, you can never have enough anti-chafe ointment. It seems like even though I cover myself from head to toe, there's always a spot I miss that I don't realize until halfway in to my run or ride. I alway have a packet or two of Salty Britches with me! They're easy to share with friends too!

Brian Ramey
Best chafing product around

I love the small individual packs from Salty Britches. These are great to throw in your gym back or vehicle in case your forget the bigger tube. I also have 1-2 in my travel bag for emergencies. These little packs are enough for an application and you will not have any worried about chafing or having blisters. These are a great addition to the larger tubes. Snag these as well!

Trena Kennedy
Best product

Love Salty Britches. One of the best things I’ve found.

Mango Runner
Perfect for Ultra Race/Long Run

This small packet is perfect for ultra races. I have this in my hydration vest/running gears as emergency, just in case I need it in middle of a race or long run. They fit into a small pocket or water bottle pocket, so they are very convenient.

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