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True Test for the Winter Skin Relief

True Test for the Winter Skin Relief

We are from the South.  As in, if it snows here, it's a MAJOR deal.  It gets cold and it can linger in the 20s.  But, us Southerners don't spend months at a time in the cold like some of you folks in the North do.  

Salty Britches® Winter Skin Relief was born because of an issue with the Chafing Ointment.  In the early days, we were shipping Chafing Ointment to hockey players near Syracuse, NY.  They contacted us because they could not squeeze the ointment out of the tube in the cold!  We scrambled to quickly come up with a formula that wouldn't freeze, and "wa-la"  Salty Britches® Winter Skin Relief became our second product! 

We have been blown away by the most recent testimonials from people that live in the super cold areas of the world.  We have heard from people as far away as Iceland, Canada, Alaska (-32 degree temps), Colorado, and Rochester, NY.  Aaron Dana is pictured here in the White Mountains of the Adirondacks in upstate NY. The reviews tell us you love Salty Britches® Winter Skin Relief to prevent wind burn, chapped lips and skin, on your feet to prevent blisters and the normal problem areas to prevent chafing.  Salty Britches® is the solution that will outlast you in extreme conditions, hot or cold!

We are always blown away by the people in this Salty Community!  Your reviews and testimonials mean the world to us!  Thanks to so many of you and your feedback, we are working hard to bring new products to you this year!  Stay tuned! 

And you Northerners are tough as knots!  It's been wild to see Salty Britches® grow in all sorts of environments and temperatures.  It's such an honor to know Salty Britches® serves you so you can FIGHT longer no matter the conditions!

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