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The Lights on the Hill

This past weekend, I walked down the hill after a long day of Salty Britches and happened to look back at this little gem and took this crummy picture with my phone.  This is our "Shop" and where we spend 90% of our time.  If you have ever heard our story, you know even our Laundry Room is in this shop. 

The only people that see this place are our family, neighbors, and daily delivery drivers.  We decorated it anyway.  This building is 3 years old.  She feels alive to us.  We host our family get-togethers here.  We find our own quiet time to pray here.  We exercise here.  We solve problems here.  We have fried our turkeys, and low country boil on her porch.  We mark the height of our kiddos on her door frame.  Before the metal was added, our family wrote scripture on the beams of this building.  

This is just a building on the hill.  We take care of her so she will serve us well for many years to come.  This building is so special to us, in fact there is a sign above the door that says, "Our Happy Place."  It's special because of what we do here, and the people we serve from here.  There are countless analogies we can draw to this building on the hill. 

This is the actual home of Salty Britches.  We are a real family based in rural South Carolina.  Your website orders are shipped from here.  Your Amazon orders originated here.  If you bought Salty Britches at the beach, that order was boxed right here.  You are legit supporting a family, that supports the local teams in town, that pays too much taxes, that tries to get right more than we get wrong.  Our family thanks you and it's our honor to serve you.  

From our lights on the hill to you, may God bless you more than you asked or imagined. May you always seek the Beacon of Light that is there for everyone to find.  Merry Christmas from all of us at Salty Britches! 


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  • This is exactly how this family runs! This “girl” is a fun house!

    Kathy S Wilson
  • We are blessed to feel like family when we are here. You & your shop on the hill are a blessing. Merry Christmas 🎄


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