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Salty Britches at Best Ranger Competition 2023

Salty Britches at Best Ranger Competition 2023

April 14-16, 2023 will forever be a cornerstone for our brand, Salty Britches. 

A week after the 2022 Best Ranger Competition, we met the 5th Ranger Training Battalion (Mountain Phase) leadership from Dahlonega, GA.  We were working with Dumass (Dahlonega Ultra-Marathon Association) Events for a race that happened to be hosted by 5thRTB.  Another obvious example of God directing our steps.  

We met the Rangers based at 5thRTB.  They wanted to know where we have been during their long careers in the military.  We shared Salty Britches and they became some of our biggest cheerleaders.  We still can't believe it.  They connected us to Best Ranger which was held this past weekend.  The likes of which we have never witnessed, and we've been around some super gnarly endurance events for the past several years.  This would be the truest test on the planet. 

This was the 39th anniversary of this competition featuring some of our nations finest and most fit soldiers of the United States Armed Forces. The competition started at 6am on Friday.  You can find the entire run down of the competition and what the soldiers were required to do online  

Best Ranger Competition Salty Britches.                                            .   

We had a front row seat to this event.  It is hard to even describe what it's like to see this in person.  Runs, swims, climbs, ropes, crawls, WODs, breeching, shooting, you name it in all temperatures.  They do this for 60 hours straight, no sleep.  Takeaways: 1. Bottom line, very few humans reach their performance potential. 2. Our bodies will go farther than our minds, so our mindset is key.  3. We are so proud to be  Americans with an American made product. 4. An anti-chafe, anti-blister product better be able to hold up because until now, these guys would use duct tape for their thighs.  They had other options available, but we heard over and over they would not protect their skin in this environment. This environment called for Salty Britches. 

Our mission has included serving those that serve in our military since we started.  We won't stop, and we will continue to carve our path as the Good Lord sees fit.  He directs our steps and has placed incredible people in our path. We are grateful and humbled to have a seat at the table. 



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