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Keeping digging the ditch!

Keeping digging the ditch!

We are thrilled to announce that Salty Britches is now available for order for the US Military through DAPA # SP0200-18-H-0066 and now through GSA Advantage # 47QSWA19D0073.

This feels like a huge accomplishment for Salty Britches!  We have been digging this ditch for what feels like a long time.  This is a result of military champions that love Salty Britches and fought to make it available for all who are in the US Military.  We still have a long way to go.  This pathway makes it available to order, an "Easy Button".  However, we still have to introduce Salty Britches to those that don't know we exist.  

We are continuing to eat this elephant one bite at a time!  We won't quit.  We know what a difference Salty Britches makes for those that need it and tactical athletes in the military certainly need it!  

A dream becomes a goal.  A goal becomes a process and actionable steps guided by principles and values.  Add grit and a never quit mindset and language, surrounded by amazing people that also NEVER QUIT! 

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