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"I DON'T KNOW" - MiMi Wisdom of 2021

2020 and 2021 have been full of "I don't know"s.  Packed.  Overflowing.  More than it's share. 

What does that term "I don't know" have to do with chafing, blisters, Salty Britches?  E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.    Building a brand is 'all the things'. My Mom has played a huge role in Salty Britches.  I wish everyone had a Mom like mine.  And here is a small dose of why...

My Mom earned the name "Mimi" when she became a Grandmother.  Now, more often than not, I even call her that.  It's most certainly a term of endearment and comes with a healthy dose of experience, knowledge and grit.  She is our # 1 fan.  So when she started hearing the words "I don't know" come out of my mouth, this is what she said, "That's your sign to talk to God and give it to Him.  Whenever you hear yourself say "I don't know" then that's your trigger to pray, right then.  You don't have to know, you aren't supposed to know, and you aren't always going to know, but He does. He always knows." Cue the ringing bells and angel voices.  

Over my 40 plus years,  I have heard "Mimi-isms" like this and they have stuck.  When I was a teen, she would challenge me and say, "If I do it for you, how will you know how to do it?"  It could be making a dentist appointment, car insurance, or being too nervous to call and ask the bank a question.  She never said, "No" or "Because I said so"  or "you have to do it." She always phrased her response in a way that made me understand and always challenged me. I often wonder if she knew how much that impacted me and how important it actually was to shaping me. 

My Mom is not  the ooey-gooey type.  Just the opposite.  She isn't one to really express emotion, and does not wear her heart on her sleeve. No way.  She has a heart of gold, a servant's heart and she's got a pocket full of slingshots and smooth river stones.  She has slayed many a Goliath through intercessory prayer.  Praying for me is one of the biggest gifts she has ever given me. 

Where she has walked is left better than if she hadn't been there at all.  She's one of the wisest people I know. Thank you, Mama, for your wisdom.  Thank you for teaching me throughout this journey.  There is still so much to learn but with you and that slingshot, we will keep climbing! 



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  • These are the most beautiful words to describe your mother and truly honor this amazing lady. She is a very special lady and deserving of them all. So great to call her friend and you too. Jack and Judy

    Jack Lawton
  • Your Mother did a wonderful job in letting you grow and learn even when you did not realize you were. But as we all grow we look back and see all that love that was poured over us. You are 9ne of the most beautiful and amazing woman I have had the pleasure of knowing. Never change stay as you are the loving child of God…

    Cathy Elgin

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