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Salty Britches® Skin Barrier Ointment

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New Military "Blacked Out" Edition Package of Salty Britches Skin Barrier Ointment.  Prevents or soothes chafing and blisters during ruck, amphibious operations and all other imagined misery.

The tubes are made from 50% PCR Material – PCR stands for Post Consumer Resin, a recycled plastic. PCR plastics are the recycled materials from existing PET bottles and other plastics.  The PCR is sourced from single use packaging, and in particular milk packs that have entered into the recycling channel. Using PCR is beneficial for carbon footprint reduction, lighter weights and savings in energy and material consumption, benefiting the planet.

Customer Reviews

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Tina Wolfe
Ultra Runners - you need Salty Britches!

Salty Britches is my go-to. Hours of friction are no problem with Salty Britches. It is also what you need in the heat and humidity of Florida. It works.

Stefanie Bloxham
Love salty britches for all sports

I just ordered tubes as stocking stuffers for our 3 boys. I got sick of hearing them argue over who used the salty britches last or if someone used the last of it. They all love it so much I am giving them each their own tube to use during their sport seasons (baseball, track, racing, football). Great product!!! Can’t say enough good things about it.

Run, Gun, Climb
This sh$t is tacky.

I bought a tube of this after hearing about it on 3 of 7 podcast with Chad Wright. Used it during my 2nd finish at the Eastern States 100 Miler. Two applications to my feet and crotch throughout 35 hours of heat, dirt, and sweat. No blisters, no hot spots. This stuff works! I now give it to my untra running friends as gifts.

Rusty Smith
50 Miles- No Chafing

Recently ran Georgia Jewel 50 mile trail ultra in warm humid conditions. Not one bit of chafing. This stuff just works.

Luis Jimenez

Just ran this weekend 55 miles at Worlds Toughest Mudder. A combination of mud , cold weather , cold water for 24 hrs and I had no blisters anywhere or chafing in the areas I applied salty britches🤩 Big Fan

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