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Salty Britches® Chafing Ointment

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Giving Back to Those Who Serve
For every tube sold, we will donate one to the U.S. Armed Forces!

This product offers all-day, skin soothing, protective barrier against chafing and irritation. Our specialized formula prevents heat, sports, and ocean chafing while providing soothing relief for winter skin!


Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Albert Phaneuf
Game changer

Hands down the best anti-chafing ointment I have used. I sweat profusely when I run and I've used this before 2 separate runs and have had no problems whatsoever.

James Young
Works Great!!

absolutely no chafing, as long as you make sure any body part that is rubbed is covered!!

Doug Moore
Company Values!

I have yet to use my salty britches, but I’m confident in the purchase based on the reference source. And while it’s strange to give such a high review before I even tried the product, well… I guess the company and what they stand for is THAT great! So, I give 5 stars for company direction and values!

Lance E.
Great for runners!

Used for a 100K ultra and only had to apply at the start.. Incredible!!

Kristen Hampton
Awesome product for kids!

We live on the beach and my kids were constantly having issues with chafing until we found Salty Britches. I apply a small amount to the insides of their thighs abs they can play in the salty water and sand all day! We love this product!!

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