Age: 50
From: Spartanburg, SC
What he does:  Bikes, trail runner.
IG: @mforrester43

Why he loves Salty Britches®
 "To me it means a better ride as a cyclist. It means a better feeling after a long trail run.

As a cyclist I am often on 50-100 mile rides. Especially, during training rides for events like The Assault on Mt Mitchell. We have many long training days. That time in the saddle made for seat sores. Salty Britches® took care of that. While the rides can still be tough the after effects “sit better” when using Salty Britches®!

Also, after recently taking up trail running and preparing for an UltraMarathon it was Salty Britches® to the rescue. The long, humid, sweaty runs used to be followed by chafing that took days to heal. With Salty Britches that is one less thing to worry about. It allowed for more runs.

Thanks to the Salty Britches® team for keeping me moving...more comfortably!"