Age: 34 years old
From: Antioch, TN
Running Since: I have been a runner since 2010, Ultrarunner since 2013.
Completed 4 100 mile ultra races, and was the last female standing at The Mid State Mile Last Man Standing Race in 2020.
IG: @runnergirl2010

Why she loves Salty Britches®: "Becoming an ultrarunner in Tennessee humidity I quickly found out what chafing was! It is no fun! We can go through a lot of pain in training and racing to perform our best, and chafing shouldn't have to be one of the pains of that list. Salty Britches® can eliminate that annoyance, so we can focus on the most important things! It is also a great product for post run healing of chafing or dry skin if you forgot to apply it ahead of time. This is a staple for my daily runs now."