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Age: 13
From: Ocean City, New Jersey
Surfer Since: 5 years old, Snowboarder since 6 years old
IG: board_monkey_22

Why he loves Salty Britches®:
"I love Salty Britches® because it's the only thing that works every single time to prevent rashes and dry skin while I'm surfing. I use it every time I surf, which is basically every day!" 


Age: 15
From: Ocean City, NJ
Surfer Since: he was 7 years old, snowboarding since 8 years old
IG: freesurfjack

Why he loves Salty Britches®:
“I use Salty Britches® before putting on my wetsuit every time I surf and every night before bed, especially in the winter. I share it with friends at the beach, and everyone says it really works.”


Age: 32
From: All over the country benefits of US Navy. I call Bluffton, SC home.
Runner For: "I remember loving to run since I started playing soccer when I was 10. I don't like running. I love it. Every time I run, I remember that I CAN because others CAN'T. Those that can't - not from choice, but are disabled, sick and those who are no longer here."

Why he loves Salty Britches®: "I love Salty Britches® because of my first triathlon. When doing something new, might as well make it memorable and crazy. So doing it in a Speedo for my first time sounded like a great idea. Glad I found Salty Britches® a week before at my local run store. Saved my butt. Literally." 


Age: 21
From: Harrison, TN
Running Since: All his life!
IG: noah_cochran1

Why he loves Salty Britches®: "I love Salty Britches® because I know I can put it on and not have to think about anything other than running!"


Age: 23
Running For: 8 years of running
From: Mexico, but South Carolina is home
IG: speedy_3d

Why he loves Salty Britches®: “Marathon is life and I learned that in 2018 when I did my first one. The year that followed I found Salty Britches® just in the nick of time. After my first marathon I fell in love with it because it just changed my life and so longer running sessions would be normal and needed something to protect me from chafing. My friends came across Salty Britches® and we started using it and the rest was history. Love it, training has been smooth ever since.”  


Age: 34
From: Germany, Valdosta, Pittsburgh, but now calls Savannah, Georgia home
Running For: Since 7th grade, but seriously competing for 4 years
IG: t_rodnicki

Why he loves Salty Britches®: "Salty Britches® not only allows me to run distraction free, it also allows my kids to play in the ocean and sand distraction and worry free."


Age: 14 years old
From: Ocean City, New Jersey
Surfing Since: 5 years old
IG: surfie.whelan_

What she loves about Salty Britches®:
"No matter how bad of a rash I get from my wetsuit, Salty Britches® always fixes it. My whole family uses it every time we surf."


Age: 20 years old
From: Fort Pierce, Florida
Paddling For: Paddle boarding for 2 years previous competitive rowing
IG: gunthersavage

Why he loves Salty Britches®: "I've gone through years of damaging my hands getting blisters and calluses. I love Salty Britches® because it's more than just an ointment it's a lifesaver. It's saved my hands from years of hard training and helps keep my lips moist in the Florida heat. Living with Cystic Fibrosis means I take tons of medications. When I was introduced to Salty Britches® I fell in love. Thank you, I truly love Salty Britches®."  


Age: 29
From: San Cristobal, Venezuela now calling South Carolina home
Triathlete for: 13 years and Pro for 3
IG: tri_for_g

Why he loves Salty Britches®:
"As a professional endurance athlete one of my priorities is to take care of myself to an extent I can continue to perform session after session. After finding Salty Britches® I have had 100% reliability session after session and race after race without chafing keeping me smooth and pain free. Chafing is an underrated injury that can cause terrible discomfort that does not allow you to perform at your best and even aiding other injuries. With Salty Britches® I avoided all of that and has been one of THE biggest aids to my perforamce. I love it and I don't see training or racing without it."


Age: 12 years old
From: New Jersey
Surfing since: 6 years old
IG: surferemmy

Why she loves Salty Britches®: "I love Salty Britches® because it makes longer days in the water pain free and possible."


Age: 46 years old
From: Landrum, SC
Triathlete for: I started doing triathlons when I was 14 before it was very popular. Hard to believe I have been racing for 32 years! This is my 19th year as a coach!
IG: tricoachkatie

Why she loves Salty Britches®:
"Because it works! It doesn't soak into your skin and disappear after 15 minutes, hours into a ride or run it is still right where you put it, which is exactly why it works. For years I suffered with chafing on the bike and now finally that is a thing of the past! "


Age: 32 years old
From: Rome, Ga
What he does: Ultra Runner, Entrepreneur, Retired Navy Seal, mentor, public speaker, podcast host "3 of 7 Project"
IG: chadwright278

Why he loves Salty Britches®: "Salty Britches® is all I use for anti-chafing. It is far superior to anything else on the market. One application is all it takes and it will get you through a good 100 miles or 24 hours. Keep me comfortable when I am on the battlefield performing my best." 


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